Hello and welcome to CollectionStorage.com!

The inspiration behind this site came about after I started collecting and storing more items such as comic books, books, posters and so on. I discovered while I was researching for how to properly store some of these items, that there wasn’t a go-to-source for finding the information I needed. Therefore I decided to create my own.

To start, I began scouring the internet, finding picture’s and video’s people had posted of their own storage idea’s, and then got to work creating my own. I constructed a bookshelf inside my closet, where the contents are safety stored in a dark, dry environment, and suddenly I had a nice storage space, with room to grow. Once that was complete, I continued compiling  information on storage ideas, which reached beyond my initial research. So here it is…                     CollectionStorage.com.

Hope I can at least help make that portion of your life a little easier.

P.S. Please feel free to suggest any missing collection categories you’d like me to consider researching and adding to the site. Thank you.

Tips and ideas on how to store your favorite books, comic books, magazines, vinyl records, posters and more!