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Comic Book Storage Solutions

The final step will be actually storing your bagged and boarded comic books in a safe, secure location. There are some great storage products available that you can keep your comics in for further protection, instead of having them stored loosely. They’re listed below:

    • Comic Book Stor-Folio – Also known as a comic-folio, the Stor-folio is a fantastic way to keep your comic collection extra safe. It’s personally my favorite way to store my comics. The Stor-folio is a drop back portfolio box that can hold up to 15 bagged and boarded, or up to 20 loose, comic books. The Stor-Folio stores perfectly on a bookshelf, in magazine boxes, shelves, or even on display, as there is a version featuring a crystal clear pocket on both the spine and front cover where you can showcase one of your favorite comics or artwork. Has a very secure closure system thats easy to open, but stays locked, and will not accidentally unfasten. There is a Standard comic book Stor-Folio, as well as a Magazine Stor-folio. Details below:
      • Standard – Can hold current or Silver Age comic books.
      • Magazine – Can hold magazine sized comics, or comics larger than Silver Age.
    • Comic Book Binder Page – If you already own a 3-ring binder, you can purchase a comic book binder page that easily inserts into any standard binder. They will display one comic each, and each binder can typically hold up to 20 comics. There are binders available know as Comic Book Binders, but they are basically 3-ring binders that just have a design or logo on the cover. Usually designed for Modern Age comics.
    • Toploader – Toploaders are made of strong plastic and are used to protect, store and display your comics. The comic simply slides down into the opening on the top of the toploader, and will stay even more secure if the comic is bagged and boarded, which is recommended. Use a hanger kit to hang and display.
      • Standard – Holds Modern and Silver Age comics.
      • Golden Age – Holds Golden Age comics.
      • Magazine – Holds Magazine sized comics.
    • Comic Boxes – Comic boxes are great for keeping your comics in an environment that will protect them from harsh UV rays, as well as dirt, dust, and other harmful elements, while still having them easily accessible to you. Comics boxes are easy to assemble, and can be safely stacked in multiple ways so that they fit in whatever type of space you have available. Most come with handles as well, which makes transporting them easy. For even better protection, use plastic comic boxes. Make sure whichever type of box you go with, that it’s made with acid-free material. Listed below are the several types of comic boxes available:
    • Comic Box File Cabinet / Drawers – Outer shell’s can be purchased that easily house your comic boxes, converting them into a functioning comic file cabinet/drawer. This is a great way to organize your comic boxes, while continuing to have access to your entire collection.
    • Comic Book Frames / Cases – Both display cases and frames are available for purchase to showcase your most prized or favorite comic books. Cases are recommended if you want to swap out different comics to display over time, while frames are more for permanent displaying, though you can change your item, but with more difficulty. Both are wall mountable. Versions listed below:
      • Cases
        • Modern Age – Strong plastic case that displays Modern Age comics.
        • Silver Age – Strong plastic case that displays Silver Age comics.
      • Frames
        • Economy Frames – Standard aluminum frame. Available for Modern Age comics.
        • Full Spread Comic Frames – Available in both aluminum and wood framing, these frames lay the comic out, displaying both the front and back cover, showing off the entire wrap around cover art for your comic. Frame includes a mat board. Available for Golden Age to Modern Age.
        • Matted Frames – Available in both aluminum and wood framing, these matted frames come with an acid-free mat board that showcases a border around your displayed comics. Available for Golden Age to Modern Age.
        • Archival Frames – Available in both aluminum and wood framing, these archival frames are recommended for displaying your comics indefinitely. Available for Golden Age to Modern Age.
        • Multi-Cell Comic Frames – Plastic frame that can display multiple comics at once. Can showcase up to 4 comics in a multi-cell frame. Available for Modern Age comics.
    • Bookshelf / Bookcase – Made specifically for holding books, bookshelves offer steady support, are an attractive way to showcase your collection, and most importantly, provide easy access to your collection. Make sure the wood used to build your bookshelf has been properly treated. Untreated wood can damage comic books due to the toxic vapors that can be released over time. Also, certain types of paint and finishes can bleed into the comics as well, so make sure all finishes are acid-free.
    • Enclosed Bookshelf / Bookcase – An open bookshelf is great, but shelving your comic books in an enclosed bookshelf is an excellent way to control the climate, and keep out dust and dirt. Most come with glass or wood doors that house your items inside. Use solid wood doors if you’re unable to keep your bookshelf out of direct light, that way UV rays don’t penetrate the glass. If your bookshelf is being stored in a suitable location, glass doors will provide a nice way to show off your collection, while keeping them safe. If you own any old, rare or valuable comic books, storing them in an enclosed bookcase should be highly considered.
    • Shelving – Mounting shelves is a great way to create your own storage space in whatever style or design you’d want. You can mount as many or as few as you’d like, as well as add more if you run out of room on the shelves. Shelves made out of particle board can damage the bottom edges of your comic books, as well as the bag and board, due to rough and splintered wood. Lining your shelves with shelf liner can help against rough wood, if you have no other option. Certain types of paint and finishes can bleed into the comic books as well. Make sure all finishes are acid-free. Below is a list of items you can buy separately to assemble your own shelves: Coming soon!
    • Cabinet / File Cabinet / Dresser – A cabinet, file cabinet, or dresser are all great furniture options for storing your comic books. Either of these options provide a sturdy, sheltered area for you collection to be stored. Of course, make sure whatever design and material you go with is treated and acid-free.

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