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Magazine Storage Solutions

The final step will be actually storing your magazines in a safe, secure location. There are some great magazine storage products available. Below are ideas on several different ways to store your magazines safely:

    • Magazine Holder – The traditional way to store your magazines. Holders are made in all sorts of sizes and materials, so depends on your collection which type is best for you. They hold the magazines in a sturdy, upright position with walls on both sides to keep them in, with an open face at the front for easy access to the magazines. Is best to store the magazines with the spines facing out.
    • Shelf Files – Similar to a magazine holder, shelf files are inexpensive and come in several sizes. Can be broken down and stored away when not in use. Acid-Free Shelf Files are also available.
    • Magazine Stor-folio – The Magazine Stor-folio is a fantastic way to keep your magazine collection extra safe. The Stor-folio is a drop back portfolio box that can hold up to 20 loose magazines. The Stor-Folio stores perfectly on a bookshelf, in magazine boxes, shelves, or even on display, as there is a version featuring a crystal clear pocket on both the spine and front cover where you can showcase one of your favorite magazines or the cover artwork. Has a very secure closure system thats easy to open, but stays locked, and will not accidentally unfasten.
    • Magazine Binder –  Magazine Binders are great for housing your magazines, while having them accessible and easy to organize. There are single magazine binders, and regular 3-ring binders that can hold up to 100 magazines binder pages. If you already own a 3-ring binder, you can purchase a Magazine Binder Page that easily inserts into any standard binder. They will display one magazine per page.
    • Toploader – Toploaders are made of strong plastic and are used to protect, store and  safely display your magazines. The magazine simply slides down into the opening on the top of the toploader. You can us a hanger kit to hang and display them as well. There are several versions available at different widths, depending on the thickness of your magazine, as well as ones made specifically for Life Magazine. Versions listed below:
      • 5MM – Holds magazines up to 5mm in thickness.
      • 7MM – Holds magazines up to 7mm in thickness.
      • 10MM – Holds magazines up to 10mm in thickness
      • Life Magazine – Holds Life Magazine or other of the same dimensions.
    • Magazine Boxes – Magazine boxes are great for keeping your magazines in an environment that will protect them from harsh UV rays, as well as dirt, dust, and other harmful elements, while still having them easily accessible to you. Magazine boxes are easy to assemble, and can be safely stacked in multiple ways so that they fit in whatever type of space you have available. Most come with handles as well, which makes transporting them easy. Available in cardboard or plastic. Make sure the cardboard used is always acid-free.
    • Magazine Box File Cabinet / Drawers – Outer shell’s can be purchased that easily house your magazine boxes, converting them into a functioning file cabinet/drawer. This is a great way to organize your magazine boxes, while continuing to have access to your entire collection.
    • Magazine Frame – A magazine frame is great for displaying a rare or favorite magazine that you’d like to show off. Available with aluminum and wood frames in a variety of sizes.

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