This is the Poster and Print Tips & Tricks section.

Poster / Print Tips & Tricks

Most posters and prints are immediately hung and displayed once acquired, but if there is any reason you need storage space for your posters/prints until further notice, the next step is to find a safe way to keep your posters/prints pristine until you decide to display them. Here are a few helpful tips on ways to store them, and how to keep them safe when displayed.

    • Instead of using rubber bands or ties to go around your posters/prints when they’re rolled up, use toilet or paper towel rolls to slip your posters in, so no extra pressure of creases are created from the tension of the rubber bands or ties.
    • Label your mailing tubes with detailed descriptions of the poster/print inside. Consider placing the tube inside a sealed, waterproof container if you are storing it some place where water, dirt, or any other element can damage it.
    • If you roll up your posters/prints, do so with the printed side facing in, so that it’s protected.
    • If you choose to keep your posters/prints straight, and not rolled up, the Storage Solutions section for posters/prints will provide multiple options for storing them unrolled.
    • Never fold your posters/prints as the creases will be visible, and extremely hard to smooth out, if even possible at all. Will also damage the ink, and make it more susceptible to ripping or tearing.
    • Clean your frames and glass using antistatic clothes. Use a wet antistatic cloth when using any liquid or cleaning solutions, and a dry antistatic cloth for any dry cleaning. Never clean plexiglass using ammonia-based products because a cloudy film can develop on the surface of the glass.

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