This is the Ticket and Playbill Tips and Tricks section.

Ticket / Playbill Tips & Tricks

The next step is to find a safe way to keep your tickets/playbills pristine while storing them. Here are a few helpful tips on ways to store them, and how to keep them safe when displayed. Also, some fun and clever ways to show off your tickets if not wanted for long-term archival purposes.

    • While in storage, keep your tickets and playbills in a dry, cool, dark location, where humidity and temperature don’t often fluctuate. Moisture can create conditions where mold can grow, plus warping of the paper.
    • Keep tickets and playbills out of sunlight. Radiation (most commonly from sunlight) will discolor paper and have a bleaching effect on the inks used on the tickets and covers of the playbills.
    • If you’d like to get your ticket(s) graded before framing or storing, PSA is one of the industries leading grading and preservation companies.
    • A lot of damage done to tickets simply can come between the time receiving the ticket and returning home from the event. To help minimize this damage, place the ticket between two harder objects either in your purse/pocket/bag or invest in a hard-sided business card case to store the ticket in when at events.
    • Movie tickets are smaller than most event tickets, so may not fit the typical ticket sleeve. Sleeves that are a nice size for movie tickets are Trading Card Sleeves. You can buy individual or multiple card sleeves.
    • Other holders that can be good for unusual ticket sizes are Job Ticket Holders.
    • When framing or find you have extra room in a larger sleeve, giving your tickets some additional context to the event may help improve their visual appeal. Photographs of the event, song lyrics, the set list, memorabilia, and even pairing the ticket and playbill together, are all great ideas.
    • If you like to place hand-written notes/remarks with your tickets and/or playbills, make sure to use buffered paper and acid-free ink.
    • If long-term storage isn’t your goal, but you’d like to display your tickets and/or playbills, here are some examples of items you can put your tickets in/on: framed table/counter top, birdcage, cork board with ribbon, frame around a mirror, shadowbox, ticket box, room divider, bookmarks, place mat, etc.
    • If you’re not to keen on keeping all your physical tickets and/or playbills, but wanna keep track of the events you’ve attended, photograph the ticket/playbill with a digital camera, and save the images to a file on your computer.

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