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Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

The final step will be actually storing your records in a safe, secure location. There are some great products available for vinyl storage. Below are ideas on several different ways to store your vinyl records safely:

    • Record Shelves – Designed to hold vinyl records, a record shelf is the best option for storing your records in a sturdy, accessible, visually appealing storage space, made specifically for records. They’re available in multiple designs and styles, ranging from cubes, shelves, and racks. Make sure whatever design and material you go with is treated and acid-free.
    • Record Stand – Record Stands allow for a record player to be placed on top, while housing your vinyl records underneath. Comes in both a cabinet and stand form, so you have the option of having doors, or an open faced storage area. Great for a medium to small sized vinyl collection.
    • Record Display – These will house your records in an open faced area, with easy accessibility, while displaying some of the your record jackets art. This will leave you records exposed to light and dust, so make sure to care for them, so your collection stays in tip-top shape.
    • Record Binder – Available for 33⅓ rpm and 78 rpm records, these will house your vinyl inside a protective binder. Great for storing records in an organized, manageable space. For even more protection, boxes are available that can perfectly house your binders.
    • Record Boxes – Very similar design to a comic book box, these boxes are made specifically for holding vinyl records. These boxes can be stacked, or even placed in storage file cabinet boxes to create drawers that keep your collection not only safe, but very accessible. Available in both cardboard and plastic, there’s also a variety of designs to fit different sized records. Below are the size options:
      • 33⅓ rpm – storage boxes for 12″ inch vinyl records.
      • 45 rpm – storage boxes for 7″ inch vinyl records.
      • 78 rpm – storage boxes for 10″ inch vinyl records.
    • Record Cases – A record case is a great option if your collection is complete or a manageable size. Most come with a lid and lock, plus carpeted inside to help further protect your records. You can choose to leave the lid open to display your records, or closed to keep them safe and sheltered. Smaller carrying cases for both 45 rpm and 33⅓ rpm records are available, and can hold up to 30 vinyls.
    • Record Crates – A basic record crate is another way to store a small, or manageable collection. They provide a more natural looking storage option, which is also easily accessible. They are more affordable, and offer more space than the record case, but offer less protection. Multiple crates can be stacked on one another as well to form a shelf. Make sure whatever design and material you go with is treated and acid-free.
    • Record Frame – If there is a favorite or rare record of yours that you’d like to individually display, frames are available in several sizes to show off your vinyl and/or record jacket art. Regular frames, matted frames, jacket and record frames, and circular frames are some of the styles examples. Below are the size options:
      • 33⅓ rpm – record frames for 12″ inch vinyl records.
      • 45 rpm – record frames for 7″ inch vinyl records.
      • 78 rpm – record frames for 10″ inch vinyl records.
    • Bookshelf / Bookcase – Made specifically for holding books, some bookshelves may not be deep enough to house your record collection, leaving some edges sticking out, which can easily be hit and damaged. So make sure the bookshelf of your choice can house an entire record within it. They offer steady support, are an attractive way to showcase your collection, and most importantly, provide easy access to your collection. Make sure the wood used to build your bookshelf has been properly treated. Untreated wood can damage record jackets due to the toxic vapors that can be released over time. Also, certain types of paint and finishes can bleed into the record jackets as well, so make sure all finishes are acid-free.
    • Enclosed Bookshelf / Bookcase – An open bookshelf is great, but shelving your records in an enclosed bookshelf is an excellent way to control the climate, and keep out dust and dirt. Most come with glass or wood doors that house your items inside. Use solid wood doors if you’re unable to keep your bookshelf out of direct light, that way UV rays don’t penetrate the glass. If your bookshelf is being stored in a suitable location, glass doors will provide a nice way to show off your collection, while keeping them safe. If you own any old, rare or valuable records, storing them in an enclosed bookcase should be highly considered.
    • Shelving – Mounting shelves is a great way to create your own storage space in whatever style or design you’d want. You can mount as many or as few as you’d like, as well as add more if you run out of room on the shelves. Shelves made out of particle board can damage the bottom edges of record jackets due to rough and splintered wood. Lining your shelves with shelf liner can help against rough wood, if you have no other option. Certain types of paint and finishes can bleed into the record jackets as well. Make sure all finishes are acid-free. Below is a list of items you can buy separately to assemble your own shelves: Coming soon!
    • Cabinet / File Cabinet / Dresser – A cabinet, file cabinet, or dresser are all great furniture options for storing your vinyl. Either of these options provide a sturdy, sheltered area for you collection to be stored. Of course, make sure whatever design and material you go with is treated and acid-free.

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